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Welcome to the Frog Blues Festival Website!


Here's a little Information about the festival to get started. This is a brand new site, so check back for updates!

The 6th Annual Frog Blues Festival Aug. 13th, 2005 5pm - 12:30am.
Tentative schedule: Frog Blues Festival 2005


Bobby Vinson & Attitude                   5:50-6:15

Elmo Blue                                           6:30-7:00

Back Up Blues Band/BCY/SL            7:15-8:00

Paul Byrd Band                                   8:15-9:00



Ricky Preston                                       9:30-10:15

Jimmy "Preacher" Ellis                        10:30-11:15

Ray Drew                                             11:30-12:20


Approx. 9 miles east of Terrell, TX. Off Hwy 80 or 8 miles
west of Wills Point, TX. off Hwy 80. From Dallas, TX. 42
miles from downtown
Dallas. Take I-30 east to Terrell, Hwy 80 east.

Mailing Address or contact info:

Frog Blues Festival
Attn: Alexander Clay
10448 County Rd 316C
Terrell, TX 75161



Festival History:

1st year: Frog Blues Festival started in September 2001. The
performers were Scott Humprey, Marvin Seals, The Moore
Bros., D.C. and Shelby Minner, and Henry Qualls along with
the Homeboys.

2nd year: Sept 22nd, 2001

The line-up included The Homeboys, Ric. E. Bluez, Henry
Qualls, Moore Bros., Lady T, Marvin & Scotty, and Flash

3rd year: Sept 2002

This was a two day event, Friday and Saturday.
Fri. night we had Roscoe Turner, Jimmy "Preacher" Ellis, &
Joe Jonas.
Sat. night we had Perry Jones, Miss Blues, & TuTu Jones.

4th year: Aug 2003

The line-up that year we had Mel Davis and the Blues
Specialist, Ric. E. Bluez, and Holland K. Smith.

5th year: Aug 2004

Last year was a great line-up which included the likes of
Christian Dozzler, Mel Davis and the Blues Specialist,
Lazzar Show Band, Texas Slim, and Joey Love along with the
lovely Andrea Dawson.